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Explore The Best Hair Extensions Saundra’s Hair Gro Has to Offer

If you want to get the best hair extensions are a great way to give your fine hair some extra volume, add color without coloring your actual hair, or get the length you want without having to wait for natural hair to develop.
As a cheap hair extensions salon, we place a high priority on using premium hair extensions, using the best equipment to guarantee the best possible outcomes. We provide a wide variety of expansion types to suit personal tastes and requirements.
We are pleased to provide more conventional solutions like fusion or microbead extensions, even though the newest one-hour installation extensions are pretty popular.

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Our Best Hair Extensions Salon Has Everything You Need

Before any hair extension services are provided, we consult with every client to make sure that their requirements are well understood. For those in need of urgent requests, we might be able to arrange same-day services depending on the colors and lengths that are available.
Since the best hair extensions are incredibly versatile, they quickly enhance the length, volume, and texture of your hair, going beyond simple lengthening. Furthermore, exploring budget-friendly and cheap hair extensions will help add vivid hues without harming or removing your hair.
These extensions also work beautifully as elegant accessories for significant events, enhancing your entire style with a dash of glitz and adaptability. You can rely on us to combine our superior hair extension services with style and quality.

We Offer the Best Hair Extensions

We really feel that a self-assured woman can move mountains, and our hair extensions salon is here to make sure that we contribute to that journey by giving our customers dream hair and changing them both inside and out. It’s lovely to watch ladies smile after an appointment.
You can anticipate unmatched & cheap hair extension and an unshakable dedication to quality from our licensed stylist. Saundra’s Hair Gro has provided the best hair extensions for many years.
Our staff provides our clients with the lavish, long hair of their dreams thanks to their specialized knowledge of bespoke colors and cuts.


Love my hair color and style, Saundra is an awesome stylist. I would recommend to all my friends at the gym classes and family. Always a great pleasant experience. Saundra is very professional and the place is very relaxing whenever I go there.

Vernessia H Our Client

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!! I recommend her service to everyone. She paid attention to me and gave me helpful tips on how to manage my hair and she was overall an amazing stylist. I am definitely coming back.

Alexis B Our Client

Thank you sooo much you’re wonderful. It was my daughters first time and definitely will come back over and over.

Brenda O Our Client


Hair extensions are used to improve the way your natural hair looks. Any combination of length, thickness, body, and color may be added to them.
Unfortunately, some scalp conditions—like psoriasis and dermatitis, for example—are incompatible with hair extensions. At your appointment, the severity of these illnesses can be evaluated as each person’s circumstances may differ significantly in severity.
No, there isn’t a fee, even though our consultations are rather in-depth and need a half-hour of time.
Specific hair extensions are of such high quality that they may be repeatedly used, which reduces the expense of having to get them reapplied. Even if specific hair extensions are the best available, they shouldn’t be applied again.
As the name implies, pre-bonded hair extensions are hair extensions that already have the bond connected. Hair is knotted onto the thread at the root end to create weft hair.


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